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The colourful design frames are looking really beautiful. And to exchange them is done in a moment! For that reason everybody will select his own frame for its ambient or its individual room solution. The design frame is made of high quality Perspex or anodized aluminium and is in 15 different colors available.




The mounting is simple: mounting the in-wall box, fitting HISTAR and adding the frame. READY! The installation box MU integrates the HISTAR products. The wall mounting guarantees that the HISTAR will have a maximum distance of 25mm to the surface of the wall. This gives to the HISTAR the look of a picture on a wall. 




The Multimedia-KIT has been designed to equip the HISTAR with the following functions:

 - VOIP Funktion
 - acoustic signals (ex.: warnings, messages,...)
 - voice registration and playback.

The Multimedia-KIT is already into the front panel of compatible HISTAR configurations.



The open system architecture with the pre-installed operating system Windows® Embedded lets the heart of each expert beat faster. Own and foreign software can easily be integrated and updated. With the operating system XPembedded you will have all features of an embedded system and we have taken care for a minimum of storage volume for a system which is fast, secure and robust.