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Competent partners  

The company BMS- Tech Building Management System Technology GmbH residing in Baumgarten near Paldau is our reliable and competent partner in the fields of building management and building technology. This expert team offers perfect solutions in terms of power control systems for HVAC, lighting- and shading systems, as well as access control and video surveillance.

Expert support 

BMS-Tech Building Management System Technology GmbH offers both, technical and commercial advice for technical project work, installation functions and people working in the heating sector or the electrical branch, as well as facility managers and local heat facility-based carriers (e.g. biomass heating installation).

Core capabilities  

BMS-Tech GmbH provides broad service around project engineering, alternative solutions, project processing and tendering documents. On the one hand their principal tasks are to support technicians during the phase of project engineering for example in constructing hydraulic schemes for HVAC systems, in calculating heating and cooling loads or in dimensioning shutters and valves. On the other hand BMS Tech provides assistance in bid appraisal.