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HISOFT - Industrial Solutions

Long business partners

For a couple of years we are working in close relation with HISOFT, a company situated in Feldkirchen near Graz, Austria. Since this competent and ambitious company was founded, it convinces with ideal solutions in the fields of automation, information technology and software development, espeacially in programming controls and in visualising plant constructions. For this reason HISOFT is an ideal parnter for HIQUEL.

Together we are strong 

Not only HIQUEL but also all our customers are taking advantage of this co-operation as it is particularly unbureaucratic and therefore, enables us to react flexibly to changes in different phases of a project.


Core capabilities  

HISOFT automation and information technology GmbH has specialised in developing custom-tailored ‚links’ between the world of automation and the versatile fields of information technology. Planning; developing and implementing databases and automation tasks are HISOFT’s core capabilities.