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REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals)

What is REACH?

Manufacturers of materials, importers of substances or materials in the preparation in the European Community (EC) and the European Economic Area (EEA) must reach the European Chemicals Agency from 1 June 2008 registered.

Excluding if the amounts is less than 1 t/a manufactured or imported and substances which are not exempt from the registration requirement.

So called "phase-in substances", which are substances that are listed in the Existing Chemical Substances list EINECS. These can be pre-registered in the period of 1st June 2008 to 1st December 2008.

Manufacturers and importers of products containing a substance of so-called "candidate list" more than 0,1% of the mass must apply to the professionals and to consumers to request an information on safe usage. Also the name of the substance must be called there.

If the substance is more than 1 t/a in these products included a reported must be sent to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

These messages are earlier than implementing from 06/01/2011.

HIQUEL supports its partners in REACH.

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